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There are several programs that can provide you with ways to earn your college degree in less time and for less money. One way is through SOAR.


What is SOAR?
SOAR stands for Students Occupationally and Academically Ready.

SOAR Programs of Study are State approved Career & Technical Education Programs that credit skills and tasks learned in high school or a Career and Technical Center (CTC) toward a college degree, diploma or certificate program.


These FREE college credits are earned while at the high school or CTC by completing the SOAR Program of Study requirements.  If you are a high school graduate who enrolls at HACC in the same technical program, you can start with 9 credits or more already earned, saving yourself time and money!

How do I do that?
The main steps you need to take are:

  • Sign up for a career and technical education program and finish the program

  • Earn a high school diploma

  • Achieve a minimum 2.75 grade point in your career and technical education program

  • Achieve proficiency on all tasks in the approved Task List

  • If you achieve those requirements then there may be colleges all over Pennsylvania that will award you college credit for the work you did in high school.  Fill out the Required SOAR Coversheet Linked HERE, which outlines the criteria and documentation you need to send to the college you wish to attend.

SOAR is a statewide program developed through The Pennsylvania Department of Education, by the Bureau of Career and Technical Education.  For a list of all PA Dept of Education approved SOAR programs and required paperwork, click on the following link:

Check out this website to see all the colleges who offer SOAR credits.

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