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Other Ways to Earn College Credit in High School

In addition to SOAR Programs of Study through the State, Dual Enrollment and College in the High School are other programs that allows you to earn college credit by taking college classes at a reduced cost while still in High School.  Dual Enrollment and College in the High School (CHS) program enables qualified, capable high school students to enroll in college-level courses that are taught at their high school or technical school and at a partner post secondary school. Students earn dual enrollment credits from both college and their high school for approved courses that may satisfy high school graduation requirements. These course credits become part of the student’s permanent record and can count towards a college degree program and can be transferred to a number of colleges and universities.

Finally, there may be Local Articulation credit agreements that your school has developed with a college in your area. You should meet with the high school guidance counselor to see if there are any agreements in your desired field.

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